Foam Party

Bryanston Country Club Event

One of Gladiator Inflatables most loyal clients Bryanston Country Club was hosting a charity event for an orphanage for underprivileged children so due to the Country Club’s great patronage we sponsored a couple of jumping castles to add to the fun! Check the video below.

Gladiator Rocket Adventures

Have you ever had A dream of flying a Gladiator Rocket? Join the brave girls and boys, and you too will be asking, let’s do it again…


How the Blackberry was won Part 1

Official Blackberry draw took place at Gladiator Inflatables offices on 1st September 2011 at 12:00. Watch this uncut version now.

How the Blackberry was won Part 2

Handover of the Blackberry phone, to our lucky winner, Poppy Mngomezulu.

Bright Water Commons July 2011

Have a look how kids are having fun, jumping all around on a sunny 3rd July 2011, it’s just crazy!

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