Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my rental:

Once your booking is confirmed, the method of payment for the rental of the jumping castle is either via debit/credit card or you can process an eft. Payment is confirmation of your rental booking. No pay no play. We unfortunately do not accept any cash.

How long is the rental for:

To ensure that the fun never stops, we rent for the full weekend. Clients either collect from our offices on a Friday between 08h30 – 16h00 and return the inflatable/s to us on the Monday by 12h00.  We also offer a delivery service at an additional fee depending on the distance being travelled from our offices, we deliver on a Friday between 08h30 – 16h00 and collect again on Monday around the same time.

What are the electrical power requirements:

The electrical power requirement for an average jumping castle or water slide is 20 amps. The bigger the inflatable the more electrical power is required. The blower fan inflates the jumping castle or water slide and this blower fan needs to continuously run whilst the inflatable is being used.

What surface is best to place a jumping castle on:

The best surface to use a jumping castle on would be grass, as this would make it easier to peg into the ground for stability of the jumping castle or water slide.  Grass also acts as cushioning whilst jumping.

How many different kinds of jumping castles do you have to choose from:

Our extensive range of over 75 jumping castles is a feast to choose from.  We have a range of Jumping Castles that are specific for girl themed parties like our Fairy Castle and Funky Chic and boys themed parties like Spiderman, Superman, a car and Boat to name but a few.  We also have jumping castles that cater for teenagers and adults like our basher, boxing ring and obstacles. We cater for fun for all ages.

What are the sizes of the jumping castles:

The dimensions of each jumping castle in our range is on our website as well as the recommended age group for each specific item and if it is suitable to use with or without water.  You would select the jumping castle you like and then measure off the area in which you wish to use it and see if it will fit. It is important to ensure that there is a power supply and well as a water point (in the event of a water item) close by the area you wish to use the inflatable in.

How much does it cost to rent:

Starting from only R650, the rental cost of each jumping castle is dependant on the size of the inflatables, it works on rise per size. The bigger the jumping castle the more expensive it costs. To ensure continued fun is had, we rent for the full weekend.

Are the jumping castles clean and in good condition:

We have a team of cleaners that clean, disinfects and inspects our jumping castles and water slides after each rental. The condition of our entire range of inflatables gets rated every week to ensure that our clients received only the best quality inflatables.

How do I go about hiring a jumping castle:

The choice is yours, either you can book online or you can contact us on our landline or you are welcome to come to our offices, whichever way is most convenient for you. We are here to serve you.

How long in advance must I book my jumping castle:

To avoid disappointment, the sooner the better, as our rental bookings work on a first come first serve basis. Most of our clients book their jumping castle/s a month or two in advance to ensure that they get the inflatable they really want.

Do you charge extra for delivery:

All deliveries are charged at an additional fee, depending on the distance being travelled from our offices.

How many kids can jump on a jumping castle:

To avoid kids hurting themselves, it is recommended that no more that 5 kids jump on a jumping castle at the same time. No summersaults or diving is permitted on any of our jumping castles. Adult supervision is essential at all times whilst the inflatable is being used.

How much is it to buy a jumping castle:

Starting from R8 999.00, you can be the owner of your very own jumping castle. This price includes the blower fan and a 2 year warranty, excluding fair wear and tear. Each jumping castle is made in our factory from the finest quality coated fabric and thread and double stitched to ensure extra durability. A 50% deposit is required to commence with the order, at which time an estimated completion time is confirmed. Balance of payment is due on completion prior to collection or freighting. We manufacture for the local market extending into the rest of Africa.

Where are you located:

We are situated on 344 Ontdekkers Rd, Florida Park, Roodepoort

Do you do repairs:

We offer a repair service on jumping castles and water slides.  A reasonable turnaround time for a repair is usually 7 days depending on the nature of the repair. The cost of the repair is calculated on the amount of time spent and nature of the repair. Freighting of all repairs is for the clients account.