If you are looking for the best in fun inflatables then you are on the right website.

Our ever-growing business is based on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, SAFETY is the forefront of our company ethos.

We have an extensive range with over 75 items from which to choose!

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you opt to rent mid-week, we mainly rent out our items for the entire weekend. That means receive on Friday and return on Monday by 12h00. We can also bring the party to you with our delivery service that ensures a hassle and stress-free experience.

We confirm all our rental bookings via e-mail, affording clients peace of mind.

Unfortunately, we do not supply hose pipes and extension cords. Shoes and sharp objects are not allowed on any of our items, and ADULT Supervision is essential at all times!

Our business runs on our reputation. We pride ourselves on our service and, after nearly two decades in the business, we remain known for providing the same 100% reliable service and extensive product range.


Safety is without a doubt our biggest focus and we concentrate on ensuring that the inflatables are positioned on the correct surface.

We clean, disinfect, and test each inflatable and blower fan before sending out on rental, ensuring no defects.

It is for all of these reasons that we are recognised for setting the safety standard in the inflatable rental industry!

Why hire an Inflatable Water Slide from Gladiator Inflatables?

As a parent, we must keep our children healthy and active. Sitting in front of the TV or playing games on a digital device is definitely neither healthy nor active!

What better way to stimulate your children’s need for sunshine, fresh air and exercise than an inflatable water slide? Why do we say an inflatable slide? The answer is simple. Inflatables are far safer than steel versions for safeguarding children from harm during their boisterous outdoor fun.

And, now that summer is just around the corner, and after months of constricting lockdown, the time is ripe to introduce active exercise combined with play. Inflatable water slides provide just that – healthy exercise and great fun.

How water slides work

To double the fun, add a bubble mixture to the water to turn the slide into a white, bubbly wonderland. Not only will this heighten excitement, but it also acts as a lubricant to reduce friction for the children as they slide down the chute. The operation begins with switching on your hosepipe and let the water run from the top of the slide down the chute, ending in a foamy plunge pool when bubbles are used.

Age groups are important

Gladiator Inflatables will always consider the age of the children when renting out a water slide or jumping castle. You don’t want a steep slide with a deep plunge pool if your children are younger than 5 years of age! Remember to check age specifications and to ask Gladiator Inflatables for advice before placing your order.

It is important to remember that water slides are made for different age groups. Some slides are ideal for four-year-olds such as the 7m single water slide, that is available for only R590. You can be sure that the slide, and the enjoyment it brings, will be remembered by the little ones for many years! For an older age group and even adults, there is a variety of water equipment including the one-and-two-metre-wide mini giant slides.

Last word of advice

Before renting, make sure that your garden is large enough to accommodate the inflatable water slide. Here again, Gladiator Inflatables will advise you on the space requirements. Finally, please ensure that there are no hard or sharp objects close to the slide. Safety first is the buzz word here.

What better way to stimulate your children’s need for sunshine, fresh air and exercise than an inflatable water slide? Why do we say an inflatable slide? The answer is simple. Inflatables are far safer than steel versions for safeguarding children from harm during their boisterous outdoor fun.
Water Slides for Hire Apart from its solid reputation as a manufacturer of inflatables, Gladiator is also nationally recognised as a leading inflatable hire company.

Water Slides for Hire

Apart from its solid reputation as a manufacturer of inflatables, Gladiator is also nationally recognised as a leading inflatable hire company. Gladiator rents out single water slides for R590 for the modest seven-metre single water slide or R1,590 for the super slide. These are weekend rental rates.

Jumping Castles and Water Slides for Hire

After weeks of lockdown it’s time to have some fun in the sun. And what better way than with a jumping castle party!

This reputable Gauteng-based inflatable sales and hire company did not sit idle during lockdown. Instead, they designed and manufactured several new items to add to their already impressive range of 75+ items. From themed parties to team-building office get-togethers, Gladiator has an inflatable to suit all age groups and tastes.

As the winter months steadfastly march into summer, Gladiator has ensured that its range of water slides will match all expectations. Clients are offered a baker’s dozen choice of 13 different water slides from which to select. These range in price from R590 to R3,690 for hours of guaranteed enjoyment.

At a rental of R590, Gladiator offers a 7-meter water slide ideal for a kiddies’ party. An impressive two-meter wide mini giant slide is the top-of-the-range rental but there is plenty in-between to suit all budgets. There’s a two-lane water slide ending in a pond for under R1,000 and a 14-meter multi-seater slide with pond for R1,690.

When it comes to jumping castles, Gladiator is your go-to inflatable hire company. Jumping castle hire starts from a budget-friendly R550, with five additional options including a large jumping castle with roof for R740. These choices exclude the many themed jumping castles on offer, such as Princess and Unicorn inflatables for the girls and Spiderman and Cars, to name but a few, for the boys. For double the fun, there are even jumping castles that have slides attached, such as the Paw Patrol themed castle.

Gladiator Inflatables has been serving the needs of people living in Gauteng, and nationwide, for almost two decades. “Safety First” is in the forefront of the company ethos and customers must ensure adult supervision at all events involving the use of inflatables by children. Every single inflatable hired out by the company is cleaned, disinfected and tested to ensure 100% performance before leaving the premises. And that includes all electrical equipment that is subjected to various safety checks.

gladiator-inflatables-adventure-island-jumping-castle for hire. This image as edited by Gladiator inflatables in Johannesburg, South Afria for fun days
gladiator inflatables tropical double water slide. There are so many colours that it can be likened to a rainbow coloured inflatable

How much is Jumping Castle Hire?

Jumping Castle Hire is an extremely cost-effective way in which to organise a week of entertainment  during lockdown. From less than R500, you can keep family entertained for the week.

These days, jumping castle is a general term used to describe a wide variety of inflatables. These include a surprising number of adult entertainment themes and Gladiator Inflatables stocks 75-odd different inflatables, catering to all age groups.

If you are organising a corporate event, Gladiator Inflatables offers pool slides with ponds, boxing rings, indoor soccer fields, penalty soccer shootout, volleyball and foam ponds. Another hot adult favourite is Zorb Balls. Made of clear plastic, a Zorb is a ball within another ball. The two flexible balls are separated by a layer of air that acts as a shock absorber. Zorbing is the act of rolling around inside the transparent ball.

Generally, jumping castles are all about the kiddies. Transform your garden into a rainbow of colours with inflatables of all shapes and sizes. Among the popular jumping castle for hire inventory is bouncers, slides, combos, games and obstacles, all in a variety of colour.

Themed inflatables are also very popular, particularly among younger boys and girls celebrating a birthday. These include Spiderman, Cars, Unicorn, Princesses, Disney characters and Toy Story. Gladiator Inflatables has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy jumping castle hire company based in Roodepoort.  All inflatables are manufactured from quality-coated fabrics and thread. They are thoroughly  checked, cleaned and sanitized to ensure top-notch condition before being shipped out to clients.

Jumping Castle Hire Roodepoort

Gladiator Inflatables is centrally situated to make it the best jumping castle hire outlet in Roodepoort. With premises in Golf Club Terrace, Discovery, Gladiator has been renting out and selling inflatables for two decades.

Jumping castles remain the number one choice of inflatable hire in Roodepoort. With more than 75 different options from which to choose, clients are spoilt for choice.

Gladiator offers themed inflatables such as Princess and Unicorn jumping castles, as well as jumping castles with roofs, slides and seats. For the boys, there are cars, boats, trains, combat, gladiator and obstacle inflatables, to name but a few.

Gladiator Inflatables offers a delivery service and a professional workforce to erect inflatables safely on site. The company also prides itself on clean and safe products. For the best jumping castles in Roodepoort look no further than Gladiator, a top-rated company for sales and hire of an inflatable.

Jumping Castle Hire Randburg

Gladiator Inflatables is a leading jumping castle hire company in Randburg. The dozens of testimonials from happy customers speak volumes about the company’s reliable service.

With premises a mere 14kms from Randburg, Gladiator has established itself as a major inflatables for hire outlet in the area. Our jumping castle hire prices are extremely competitive. Coupled with our company ethos of customer satisfaction and safety-first, our Jumping Castle hire price list will give you a reason to smile.

We have more than 75 different inflatables for hire. Apart from jumping castles, these include “themed castles”, trucks, trains and boats. We can deliver your jumping castle or other selected inflatable anywhere in Randburg. With safety as the main focus, our friendly and reliable workforce will concentrate their attention on erecting inflatables on a level surface. They also ensure that your jumping castle is spotlessly clean and the blower fan in good working condition.