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Jumping Castles for Sale When it comes to quality, you will jump for joy at the sales prices of our jumping castles. This image was edited by Gladiator Inflatables based in Johannesburg of South Africa
Jumping Castles for Sale - a Best Buying Guide There are so many things to think about when buying a jumping castle or another type of inflatable.
Unicorn Jumping Castle
Boat Jumping Cast;e
Big Boxer
Apart from Jumping Castles, Gladiator Inflatables include wet and dry surface options such as Water Slides and Foam Ponds, the Gladiator Rocket, Adventure Island and Zorb Balls. This image was edited by Gladiator Inflatables of Discovery based in Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa

Our latest addition to the range!

Schools & Events

School Fun Days and Company functions – we have it all.

Jumping Castle Range

Mini Combat
MIni Giant Slide
Mini Gladiator Track
Mini Obstacle Inflatables

We have a large range of jumping castle for both girls and boys of all ages.

18 Years Excellence

Gladiator Fun Day

Keep Cool This Summer

Best Jumping Castle Hire

Astute business owners will agree that word-of-mouth referrals and letters of appreciation from clients for services rendered are the backbones of any successful enterprise. That is why most return to rent their inflatable from us.

And when it comes to the best jumping castle hire in Johannesburg and surrounding areas like Randburg and Roodepoort, Gladiator Inflatables ranks highly.

Apart from Jumping Castles, Gladiator Inflatables include wet and dry surface options such as Water Slides and Foam Ponds, the Gladiator Rocket and Zorb Balls.

Gladiator Inflatables have many letters from satisfied clients to back their claim as a Number One Jumping Castle hire company. And they also do their share for charities like the Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children. They donated a Jumping Castle for the charity’s children’s Christmas Party. This gesture brought smiles, excitement and happiness and, according to the Johannesburg home, would help accelerate the children’s journey to a positive, healing experience.

Jumping Castles for Sale

When it comes to quality, you will jump for joy at the sales prices of our jumping castles.

You cannot go wrong with an investment in a jumping castle manufactured in South Africa by Gladiator Inflatables. Made from the best quality-coated fabrics and thread, we are so confident of our jumping castles that we offer a full 12-month warranty on our workmanship and blower fans. Obviously, this will exclude negligence or malicious damage to property but our terms and conditions are transparent from the outset.

As a leading South African manufacturer of all things inflatable, Gladiator Inflatables has an enviable range of jumping castles for sale. Pick and choose from our catalogue with prices to suit budgetary constraints. Sales are subject to a 50% upfront deposit.

Gladiator Inflatables also offer a repair and maintenance service on all inflatables. So, from manufacture to maintenance, we are your jumping castle sales specialist.

Jumping Castles for Hire

To hire a jumping castle look no further than Gauteng-based Gladiator Inflatables. The company is an established manufacturer of all things inflatable with nationwide freighting services.

If you are organising a fun day or party and need to hire a jumping castle or other inflatable equipment, Gladiator Inflatables is a number one choice. With more than 18 years of service in the industry, jumping castles is the name of our game.

What is an inflatable jumping castle?

Jumping castles are manufactured with extra-thick nylon/PVC/nylon and is inflated with a blower. When delivering, our team of specialists will setup the jumping castle, connect the blower and ensure that it is safe and in good working condition.

Based in Roodepoort, we are regarded as the best jumping castle hire company not only in Johannesburg but throughout South Africa. So, if you want to rent a jumping castle, look no further than Gladiator Inflatables.

Why we are living up to the “Jumping Castle Resource” label

It has taken 18 years of hard work and dedicated service for Gladiator Inflatables to establish itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of inflatable products. When it comes to variety, backed by professional service and competitive pricing, Gladiator has established a reputation nationwide as the best company for sales and rental of jumping castles.

Its wide range of inflatables that is available for rental is kept in tip-top condition at all times, assuring customer satisfaction. This quality is carried through by highly-trained workmen who erect the inflatables on-site, ensuring that every aspect of the equipment is safe to use and in good working order. They also ensure that all of the inflatable equipment, such as the blowers, is safely mounted and that the jumping castles are securely tethered.

Customers wishing to purchase inflatables are not left disappointed. Over the years, Gladiator has built and expanded its variety of inflatables, leaving clients spoiled for choice both by the wide range of available products and the competitive pricing. Manufactured from top quality-coated fabrics and thread, Gladiator guarantees the workmanship of its jumping castles and blower fans for a full 12 months. Terms and conditions apply, such as the exclusion of negligence or malicious damage to property. These, however, are made transparent from the outset.

From its wide range of jumping castles, all manufactured to suit various age groups, to its enviable variety of new inflatables available for purchase, customers need look no further than Gladiator Inflatables.

Welcome to Gladiator Inflatables, the place where jumping castle magic happens. Visit us often to see our new products, services and ever expanding range.

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