Space & Accessibility: Choosing the right inflatable for you

The most important thing to consider is whether hiring a jumping castle is suitable for your event or not, i.e – Does it fit the space you have? Different types of castles take up different amounts of space. You’ll want to check the size carefully before making a booking.

You will be able to find this information on our website, on the to hire page.

A tip: Make sure the jumping castle fits before placing the booking. On the day of your event if the inflatable does not fit, we might not have any smaller options available if it doesn’t, so take the responsibility upon yourself to measure beforehand to avoid disappointment.

We have this handy information on our website – each item’s sizing; this can help you determine if the item will work for you or not.


An important thought to keep in mind is – accessibility.

Not car accessible (as Gladiator Inflatables does offer delivery to places like Sandton, Northcliff, Parkhurst, etc.) but accessible into the property where the party is being held.

The jumping castle needs to be brought in and inflated, e.g, in your garden. For example, carrying a large castle through a living room to get to a garden isn’t ideal or sometimes even possible, and our team is often asked to pass the jumping castle over the wall, which is almost impossible due to the unit’s weight.

On the other hand, if you have a side gate or garden access that doesn’t require going through your house, you’re good to go. This is an essential requirement to keep in mind when looking for the right option of an inflatable to hire.


We are sure you will find the right item to suit your requirements here.