Jumping for Joy over Jumping Castle Benefits!

Your kids will jump for joy if you rent or buy a jumping castle so that they can jump away the long and lazy summer holidays.

Today, inflatables come in all shapes and sizes. Apart from jumping castles, inflatables include water slides, pool slides, translucent Zorb Balls, adult entertainment themes such as boxing rings that are ideal.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of renting or buying a jumping castle are manifold and will ensure that your children get out of the house and into the fresh air. Plus-factors include important factors such as social development and improved balance and co-ordination. The benefit of attracting children to spend time outside and in the fresh air is also invaluable.

Buying a jumping castle

Bigger families, in particular, are opting to buy rather than rent a jumping castle. Let’s take a closer look at the financial implications of this decision.

The cost of buying an inflatable starts from about R7,000. Price tags do soar to dizzy heights, but the high-priced items are generally purchased by companies that rent out jumping castles. For normal household use, here are some examples of what you can buy:

For dry use only

  1. A mini-castle (3mx3m) for R6,999 – this is suitable for toddlers up to the age of five years
  2. A standard castle (4mx4m) for R8  499 – suitable for children up to the age of 12 years
  3. A castle with slide (7mx4m) for R10,799 – also for children up to 12 years

For wet use

  1. A water slide (7m5xm) for R6,799 – suitable for children four years and upwards
  2. A double water slide, ending in a small pond (8mx3m) for R10,999 – will keep children entertained hours and is suitable for ages four years including adults.
  3. A Gladiator Pool Slide (9mx4mx3m) for R15,999 – is the ideal inflatable for the enjoyment of both children and adults and can be used wet or dry

Rental prices also vary, depending on the inflatable chosen.