Comparing Jumping Castles is Difficult
Comparing Jumping Castles is Difficult

Comparing jumping castles can be difficult but here we give you a few pointers to help finalise your decision.

Over the years, the range of inflatable products has evolved into a wide range of different shapes and sizes. They are no longer restricted to the stand-alone jumping castle theme. They now also include inflatables such as obstacle courses, giant slides ending in foam baths and even soccer and boxing rinks.

With so many options from which to choose, your task can be made easier when taking into consideration the following factors.

  1. The inflatable you choose is largely dependent on the age group of the children, or adults, to be entertained.
  2. You can narrow down your selection based on the theme of the event.

When it comes to age groups, you can easily narrow down your selection. For example, young children between the ages of three to 12 years will probably appreciate hours of fun with a typical South African themed birthday party. Girls may select a princess party and boys something more robust like an inflatable slide ending in a foam pond. If you are organising an adult event, you can inject some fun into your party with an inflatable boxing rink and soccer goal shoot-out.

As already explained, you can narrow down your selection based on the theme of your event.

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